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Parenting Coordination Impediments to Success

While Parenting Coordination is an excellent option for many families, for some it is not the best

option. Despite the best of efforts, Parenting Coordinators are not miracle workers.

Even if encouraged to participate by their attorneys, some parents embark upon the process as

sceptics. Having grown discouraged over time with the lack of improvement in the relationship with the

other parent, they feel exhausted. That being said, those who start off reluctant might end up finding

the process quite beneficial. On the other hand, without at least some commitment to success and

genuine willingness to at least give the process a try, PC struggles to succeed.

Some people with certain personality types, such as a narcissist for example, impede the

process, particularly if the parent lacks the ability to acknowledge role they play or that they have any


When a parent has a significant mental illness, sometimes that can cause an impediment to

success. The power balances of a domestic violence situation present unique challenges.

Parties with a history of not following a court’s orders often resist following a PCs advice.

Even with all of these impediments, PCs still can help parents secure gains. PCs are often the

end of the road for some of the most entrenched families with no other options. In these cases, perhaps

the goal is refined to contain a troublemaker and set limits, or to focus on minimizing problems rather

than achieve true growth in the relationship.


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